Elevator Maintenance

Elevator maintenance is critical to keeping your building's elevator system running smoothly, reliably and safely. Halley Elevator services all brands & types of elevators including commercial elevators, industrial elevators, institutional elevators and residential elevators. No matter what make and model your elevator system is, we are able to provide expert elevator maintenance service in Massachusetts (Mass) & New Hampshire (NH) as well as service proprietary elevator systems.

When choosing an elevator service contractor it's important to remember that your elevator's reliability depends on the support and services of your elevator maintenance service provider. Halley Elevator is committed to protecting your investment with a proactive maintenance program designed to keep your elevator running smoothly and safely.

Hally Elevator's on-site preventive maintenance services will:

  • provide a higher level of reliability by pro-actively identifying and addressing issues before they result in shutdowns.
  • extend the service life of your elevators by replacing or repairing elevator parts before they create additional problems.
  • allow for more accurate budget forecasts by anticipating and preventing emergencies and downtime.

Please contact us to set up an inspection of your elevator mechanical systems. We are licensed, insured and are QEI (qualified elevator inspectors). Please contact us here, or click here to submit an online request for information.